ATC Experts

ATC Experts

ATC Experts is a company created in 2012 by a team of air traffic controllers and engineers, all graduated from ENAC (French Civil Aviation Academy) and experienced through years in the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC/DSNA).

Our interventions are focused on our three fields of expertise:

  • Diagnosis &  audit
  • Consulting & support for implementation
  • Training


Multidisciplinary: We share a long history and a strong practice in air traffic control, management and training. Furthermore, we all hold a ” Community Air Traffic Controller Licence” (European licence), together with the qualifications “aerodrome “, ” approach”, ” en-route “, and instructor or examiner endorsement.

During the last thirty years, our diverse professional backgrounds have led us to participate in the great development of air transport and to contribute to all developments in the world of ATC : technological advances, changes in working methods, enhancement of road networks , new procedures , or creating ATFCM. Today we offer our expertise to ANSPs or training schools that aspire to improve their performance and develop their skills.

Virtuous cooperation circle and customized approach: Our approach is deliberately part of a virtuous prospect of cooperation. We strive to take into account the specific needs of our customers to trigger a rapid autonomy.

Available and responsive: We offer a wide availability and unequalled responsiveness. We are thus able to rapidly respond to any issue in the ATC and ATM.